Immersive Technologies @ TSDFTOur current work involves two types of studies – research, and service quality evaluations

Current case studies:

The VR Lab is one of the first Immersive Technologies research spaces embedded within the NHS. Placed at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, it is supported by Health Education England to help inform national insights for R&D in immersive technologies.
As part of our outputs, we have developed several interventions to meet the requirements of Torbay hospital’s key priority domains- healthcare workers, medical students, and patients.

We are sensitive towards the humanities or ‘humanistic skills’ theme of our focus, and much of our research interest lies in the human factors and non-technical affordances that immersive technologies has.

Our aim is to deliver interventions that can be integrated seamlessly into various education and training programmes throughout the organisation. Ideally, immersive interventions should be usable and effective to ensure their long-term acceptability and implications on learning outcomes. This can be determined through investigation of the efficacies and effectiveness of the interventions.