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Adolescents Mental Health Application

The reason for this application experience is to try and reduce the anxiety that adolescents feel when coming into the hospital, going into the unknown is anxiety triggering for nearly anyone but for an adolescent with anxiety it can feel like life or death, which is why this orientation is needed before they visit the… Continue reading Adolescents Mental Health Application

XR Community Simulation Project

Exploring the use of XR technology to bridge the realism gap inherent within simulations that focus on community care environments.

Stop Before You Block- 360 Video Training

Immersive 360-degree video films programme for non-technical skills education

Virtual Wembury VR Exercise Bike for Rehabilitation

Using immersive VR exercise bike for rehabilitating ICU patients

UV light for cleaning VR headsets during COVID

Hygiene of VR headsets has become a critical issue during the pandemic, more than ever before. In a hospital setting like ours, VR headsets are used by multiple teams. Although all patient VR interventions are currently on hold at Torbay and South Devon Foundation Trust (TSDFT), headsets are used by our staff in the staff… Continue reading UV light for cleaning VR headsets during COVID