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Current Projects

Here you will find all our current projects and the information on them.

Simulation Van


Training community teams in how to deal with situations within patience homes by giving them vital near real training.

Sexual Harassment Training


Putting a name to a scenario can be a big step to change, and that’s what this project reflects. Making a safer future within the NHS for everyone.

Podiatry foot scanning


What if our patients had access to insoles within hours instead of weeks!

This is one way we are looking into making patients lives a little easier, faster.

3D Printing MRI Scans

Printing 3D MRI scans to act as a guide for surgery. This gives the surgeons a visual aid so they can clearly see the path they want to take.

Reducing Anxiety in Adolescents


Adolescents are missing appointments due to anxiety, to tackle this we decided to make a 360 walkthrough application to show them how the ward and A&E area looks, as well as giving them vital information to help ease their time at the hospital.

Hololens For Breast Surgery

210909-hololens-2-pilot (1)

Clinical specialist nurses will be able to send a high-resolution video feed to consultants, in real time, to get immediate feedback and advice on a patient’s needs. Additionally, consultants are able to add digital markers and annotations live on to the video, to guide the nurse’s view where useful. This replaces the current system of emailing static images to consultants.

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